Self Healer Academy - 12 Week Program

The root of all healing is a safe regulated nervous system

If you ever struggled with

  • Your thoughts
  • Your feelings
  • Your sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Healthy relationships
  • Trusting others
  • Confidence
  • Being yourself
  • Feeling flat and find it hard to enjoy things anymore
  • Self sabotage

The root of all of these issues is a dysregulated nervous system.

Chances are, like many of my clients, you've tried many things to heal. If things haven't worked in the past, its not your fault.

Nothing will work without a safe nervous system.

The reason for this is that the body will not change or heal unless it feels safe and safety is aquired through the body. That is why a somatic (which means body) based approach is what's needed to lay a foundation for any healing work.

This 12 Week Program is to help you create a safe nervous system that is ready to heal. I will also teach you how to heal yourself.

You will know exactly how to heal yourself and many of you will be more than capable of doing so. For those that would prefer me to hold space for the release part of your healing journey an upgrade to your program is available.

I have created this program to empower you to be able to understand and take charge in your healing journey.

Even for my 121 clients I normally only see over a few sessions, for them to retrain their nervous system and know how to take care of themselves for the rest of their lives it takes consistent practice to change and also instill new habits.

That's why this is a 12 Week Program and with that you get 2 live coregulation sessions with me a week where all you have to do is show up and follow along.

There isn't hours and hours of content to go through as you likely won't find the time. All that is required is to show up 2 hours a week and then 15 mins a day outside of the sessions practicing the exercises. If you can't make the sessions live you will be able to catch up on the recording.

The program will be broken up into two parts that build on each other but will run concurrently throughout so everyone can go at their own pace.

  1. Resources - where we build a foundation of safety for your nervous system to heal and rewire your mind
  2. Release - where I will teach and demonstrate how to heal yourself and build the resilience needed to not just survive but thrive and live your best life.

Outside the sessions you will have access to my private membervault of resources and exercises to stop anxiety in its tracks and train your nervous system.

Imagine how amazing you will feel when you have finished the program and done something for yourself. Don't let the anxious thoughts stop you from taking action and doing something positive for yourself.

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