Level 1 - The Anxiety Foundation Course

Level 1 - The Anxiety Foundation Course

Feeling anxious about anxiety and don't know where to start?

Learn how to build a solid foundation to guarantee your anxiety recovery

Hi, my name's Shane Haron and I’m an anxiety specialist that has worked with clients all around the world to help them resolve anxiety typically in 4 weeks or less.

To be able to do so, you have to build a solid foundation of understanding anxiety and know exactly what to do when you feel anxious to break the panic loop and stop yourself from getting overwhelmed.

When I first speak to clients they don't know the truth about anxiety and this causes them to feel anxious about the anxiety itself! Maybe you can relate?

If you’re feeling anxious about anxiety, chances are you fear….

  • That there’s something wrong with you
  • That you’re losing your mind or going crazy
  • That you’re stuck with it forever

This can make the anxiety 10x worse than it needs to be. These myths are easily dispelled when you learn the truth about anxiety and how to recover. I've had clients tell me they put off reaching out for help for months based on their fears about anxiety.

Maybe you have put off seeking help because you….

  • Feel embarrassed to open up about your thoughts and feelings
  • Worried you might be judged 
  • Worry you won’t be taken seriously
  • Don’t believe you can actually change because everything else you had tried has failed such as medication or CBT
  • Want to know everything you can so you can be certain of what to expect
  • Or maybe you hate asking others for help and trying to figure it out on your own

The truth is, the longer you put off dealing with anxiety the harder it becomes to cope with on a daily basis. It ruins your quality of life. Not only can it deplete you mentally and physically, but it can literally isolate you from family, friends and the world around you. 

Now just imagine if you could, without speaking to anyone….

  • Have all your questions about anxiety answered but was too embarrassed to ask
  • Knew how to stop anxiety within minutes and take back control of your mind and body
  • Actually understand anxiety and know what to do to recover
  • Build a solid foundation to guarantee your recovery in my proven 3 step method.
  1. Foundation - The education phase and learning exactly what to do to stop the anxiety response
  2. Resilience - Beefing up your nervous system so it becomes bulletproof to stress and anxiety.
  3. Release - Releasing suppressed emotions and trauma from the past so you can live in the moment.


An online course giving you everything you need in the first step to recovery

Stop feeling anxious about anxiety and start your feeling better today.

What’s inside The Anxiety Foundation Course…

The Anxiety Toolkit (value £99) 

Little known methods to stop anxiety in it's tracks

  • Learn how to control anxiety in minutes so you can stop feeling like a victim
  • Quick, easy and simple for anyone to do 

The Anxiety Foundation Masterclass (value £99) 

Everything you need to know about anxiety to understand it

  • Simplifies a confusing and complicated problem into an easy to understand solution even for those that find it hard to concentrate or focus
  • Answers every question you have about anxiety, but maybe don’t feel comfortable talking about, so you won't have to worry about feeling silly or being judged
  • Find out the truth of what’s really making you anxious
  • Explains why the most common methods of dealing with anxiety are destined to fail and what to do instead

The Anxiety Recovery Masterclass (value £99)

Explains the 3 steps required for anxiety recovery

  • Gives you a step by step plan that if followed exactly, will guarantee your success, even if you’ve struggled in the past
  • Gives you the reassurance and certainty you need to know exactly what to do
  • Details the process so you can decide which bits you can decide what to do yourself or hire a professional

The Anxiety Recovery Obstacles Masterclass (value £99)

This masterclass covers the hidden, little known obstacles that will kill any progress dead in its tracks so you can avoid making the same mistakes.

  • Reveals the common mistakes that nearly everyone makes so you don’t make the anxiety worse and take 10 steps backwards
  • Explains the beliefs and behaviours that might be fuelling your anxiety without you realising
  • Explains the 5 patterns that keep people stuck in an endless cycle and prevent them from making progress

Unpacking Anxiety Workshop (value £99)

Start to unpack your anxiety and discover quick, easy ways to feel better today

  • Helps you to understand your anxious behaviours and patterns
  • Start to develop compassion for yourself so you can start reconnecting with yourself again
  • Find out the little known things in your life that might be contributing to anxiety

I'm not done yet though!

I want to make sure you have everything you need to optimise your anxiety recovery journey – so when you purchase The Anxiety Recovery Guide you’re also going to get these awesome bonuses for FREE:

BONUS - Workbook (value £49)

Workbook to fill out for unpacking anxiety workshop

  • Have a place to record your journey and learn about yourself

BONUS - Friend & Family guide (value £49)

A handy guide you can give to your friends and family

  • Helps your friends and family to understand anxiety and what they can do to help so you can feel understood and get the support you need.

BONUS - Sleep guide (value £49)

Sleep is essential for anxiety recovery, this guide will have you sleeping better than ever

  • Learn how to fall asleep easily 
  • Simple trick to hack your nervous system so you can fall asleep in minutes

BONUS - Expert support (value £PRICELESS)

Have any questions answered by myself 

  • Get expert advice as and when you need it so you don’t feel like you’re on your own

Kick start your recovery and help you start taking your power back TODAY. It’s instantly available, which means no waiting for months for a referral.

  • The Anxiety Toolkit (value £99)
  • The Anxiety Foundation Masterclass (value £99)
  •  The Anxiety Recovery Blueprint Masterclass (value £99)
  • Anxiety Recovery Obstacles Masterclass (value £99)
  • Unpacking Anxiety Workshop (value £99)
  • BONUS - Workbook (value £49)
  • BONUS - Friend & Family guide (value £49)
  • BONUS - Sleep guide (value £49)
  • BONUS - Expert support (value priceless!)

All for only £47!

Take back control

About me & Why I created this?

My background:

  • Panic attacks were so bad I ended up in A&E thinking I was dying
  • Avoided doctors for months, felt weak and embarrassed. Offered me antidepressants. Refused as I felt it would only treat the symptom not the cause.
  • Decided to figure it out myself as I didn’t feel comfortable working with anyone
  • Spent years researching and an absolute fortune on different qualifications. My anxiety improved but not completely
  • Changed career. Started working with clients. Results were hit and miss
  • Discovered the key, understanding trauma and the nervous system. Learned from the best in the world. Fully understood and resolved my own anxiety.
  • Became an anxiety specialist only working with anxiety clients
  • Created my own method. Refined it. Amazing results however clients would have to keep coming back and relying on me
  • Adapted and simplified my method to teach my clients to do it themselves
  • Refined it until I could pretty much guarantee success, with 100’s of successful clients and created a detailed step by step process.

Look, I know exactly what you are going through. I’ve been in your shoes and I’ve worked with so many clients just like you. Unless someone has experienced anxiety they can’t truly understand it.

Specialising in anxiety meant that I would work with similar clients all day every day which enabled me to notice certain patterns. 

  • Patterns of what a client would typically experience
  • Patterns of what worked and what didn’t
  • Patterns of the typical client journey and common mistakes
  • Reasons why their progress would stall and what to do if it did

This allowed me to refine my method until I could practically guarantee success if followed exactly. You see even though everyone has their own unique experiences in life, how someone’s mind and body does anxiety and how to resolve it is the same.

I created a guide for my clients to ensure they fully understood anxiety and what was required to recover to save me from repeating myself with every client and to give them something they can go over, taking time to understand instead of feeling overwhelmed trying to remember everything I said during our sessions. 

This worked so well that I now only take on clients that have been through this guide. Saving time in my client sessions so we can get more done in less time and provide even better value.

I then realised it would be a great guide for anyone out there experiencing anxiety or  was thinking of working with me and decided to offer it to the public. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

The information in this guide is so valuable you will soon be wondering why I didn’t charge more.

Let’s be honest though. You’re never going to truly understand the value until you go through it yourself. 

You’ve probably wasted money in the past on things before that promised the world and ended up being a flop? I know I have and I hate wasting hard earned money.

I’m so confident that you will love this guide that I’ve decided to take all the risk from your shoulders and give you a full 7 days to go through it.

During this time, if you’re not 100% satisfied, just send us an email and we’ll refund you no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How much time will I need?

This course is all value and no fluff. You could work through the whole content in a day.

  • Is this therapy? 

No, it's an educational guide to understanding anxiety, laying out a step by step blueprint for recovery, providing you with the foundation to get started on your own and be able to make an informed and educated decision about your next step.

  • Is everything available immediately?

Yes instant access

  • Is there a guarantee?

Yes 7 day 100% money back guarantee no questions asked.

  • Is there a guarantee that your blueprint works?

Yes if done specifically as laid out and follow each step. This guide provides the first step, taking it step by step will stop you from feeling overwhelmed.

  • What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

You will have your questions answered personally by myself in the facebook support group or anonymously via email. 

  • Is there a time limit? 

No you will have lifetime access and can work through it at a pace you are comfortable with.

  • What happens after I finish the guide?

You will have a sound understanding about anxiety and what is required to recover. You will understand how you do anxiety yourself and will have a solid foundation laid for the next step.

  • Am I stuck with anxiety?

No one is stuck with anxiety and you are certainly not “broken”. You’re just stuck in survival mode which this guide will explain how to get out of.

  • What if I’m not ready?

Well this guide will explain in detail what is required and is structured in baby steps to get you ready for each following step. 

  • How can I trust you?

Go to my instagram @anxietyspecialist and read 100’s of my clients reviews on my story highlights. Worse case scenario you buy the guide, go through it and if you don’t like it (within 7 days) get a refund. The only thing you have to lose is the anxiety. 

Are you going to let anxiety rule your life forever?

Anxiety is expensive. When your life is being controlled by anxiety you will likely 

  • Avoid taking action
  • Procrastinate and put things off 
  • Feel paralysed and stuck, unable to make decisions and move forward
  • Only consider risks without seeing the opportunities and benefits
  • Self sabotage
  • Expect the worse even though you want the best
  • Stay in your comfort zone, never growing or changing
  • Play small in life and never truly be yourself
  • Find it hard to like, trust, love or accept yourself
  • Have unhealthy relationships with others and yourself
  • Ruin relationships

Don’t let anxiety take over your life. The more you avoid taking action the more you shrink and the more anxiety grows when you feed it through avoidance in order to feel safe. It’s a survival strategy which you have to be compassionate and thankful for but it was never meant as a long term strategy as safe doesn’t equal happy.

Anxiety isn’t as scary as it feels when you fully understand it. By the end of this guide you may even be thankful for anxiety like I am as it enabled me to recognise the things that needed to change in my life to heal and grow. 

It’s normal to feel uncertain. Find the courage to accept the discomfort and take back your power by taking action NOW so you can start living life again. Do it for yourself.

Even if you doubt yourself, I promise you, you can do it. 

You’ve got this!

  • The Anxiety Toolkit (value £99)
  • The Anxiety Foundation Masterclass (value £99)
  •  The Anxiety Recovery Blueprint Masterclass (value £99)
  • Anxiety Recovery Obstacles Masterclass (value £99)
  • Unpacking Anxiety Workshop (value £99)
  • BONUS - Workbook (value £49)
  • BONUS - Friend & Family guide (value £49)
  • BONUS - Sleep guide (value £49)
  • BONUS - Expert support (value priceless!)

All for only £47

I could easily sell this for 10x the price and it would still be worth every penny, I've provided so much info and value you'll feel like you have ripped me off! 

11 Modules


Ask questions and get support

The Anxiety Recovery Obstacles Masterclass

This masterclass covers the hidden, little known obstacles that will kill any progress dead in its tracks so you can avoid making the same mistakes.

The Unpacking Anxiety Workshop

Start to unpack and deal with anxiety today 

[BONUS] Family & Friends Guide

A guide to help your friends and family understand anxiety and what they can do to help, so you can feel understood and get the support you need.

[BONUS] Sleep Guide

Learn how to fall asleep easily, every time

Completion bonus

Unlocked when you reach 40EP

Modules for this product 11
Take back control

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